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A Workable Application Modernization Framework Is Job No. 1 Now

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    We are being crushed by our IT legacy and must deal with the problem now. Bloated application portfolios prevent us from fully supporting new business opportunities and innovation; IT decision-makers must reduce these portfolios' overall complexity and cost and bring business-level transparency to IT activity to enable more-strategic business/IT planning. Large organizations may need several years to fully modernize, but there are other roadblocks to conquer as well. Within a few years, Baby Boomers will begin to retire in earnest, setting the stage for a stormy decade as IT turnover rates exacerbate skills, staffing, and legacy technology issues. Traditional application modernization techniques address one-off decisions; they won't solve the bloat, cost, complexity, and skills issues that will plague our portfolios this decade. We need a better modernization strategy drawn from a framework of techniques but tailored to fit organizations' unique circumstances. Are you up to the challenge? Can you afford not to be?
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    • Why Should You Care About Application Modernization?
    • Application Modernization Is IT Decision-Makers' Top Priority
    • Why You Can't Wait Until Mid-Decade Or Later But Must Act Now
    • Start By Placing Modernization Activity In Its Proper Perspective

      Take Charge: Craft A Modernization Framework That Suits Your Firm
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