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API Design, Part 4: Future-Proof And Secure Your APIs To Fit Your Usage Scenarios

Data Ownership Guides Security; Versioning Strategy And Open-Ended Design Protect Your APIs' Futures

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    To fully exploit the business opportunity available through application programming interfaces (APIs), your designers must consider each API's purpose and audience as they answer a wide range of technical design questions. API security is a foundation for robust API-based applications. Your versioning strategy must make it easy for your API users to track API changes. Open-ended design can allow your APIs to support a wide range of future scenarios. As part of a series on API design practices, this report examines five scenarios for API security and best practices for version management and open-ended API design.
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    • Let Business Opportunity Drive Technical Design Of Your APIs
    • Scenario-Based Design Sets Your APIs' Security Foundation
    • Design To Protect Your APIs' Futures

      Build Security And Future-Proofing Into Your API Design Strategy
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