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AR's Graveyard: Unmet Sales Commitments

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    The proportion of industry analyst relations (AR) people we survey and who commit to supporting sales has never risen above 50% since 2007. But poor sales results threaten to undermine AR's corporate contribution and its reputation. And AR's not getting significantly better — it's performed poorly since 2007, too. AR teams — especially those with small budgets, single-person teams, or with regional responsibilities — should familiarize themselves with the full extent of the failure risks and their ability to overcome them before deciding whether to focus on sales. It will be their toughest assignment. This report is an update to "AR's Graveyard: Unmet Sales Commitments," originally published on September 26, 2007. We have added data for 2011 and 2013, refreshed the status of AR's sales support capability in the light of the 2013 data, and drawn new conclusions about AR's performance across the five spanned years.
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    • AR Is Lukewarm About Direct Commitment To Sales
    • AR's Sales Performance Is Dire
    • Sales Support Is A Long-Term Weakness With Few Signs Of Improvement
    • Budget, Team Size, And Geographic Responsibility Affect Sales Success

      Equip For Sales Or Avoid It Altogether

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