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Adding Social Media To Customer Service Initiatives Can Break Down Barriers To Change – A Social Computing Report

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    According to Forrester data, 91% of executives say that customer experiences are critical or very important to their businesses, nearly 5,000 consumers prefer better customer experiences over lower prices, and better customer experiences drive higher revenue and profits. Even so, most business process professionals who focus on CRM and customer service face major obstacles when implementing the changes required to enhance customer experiences. A solution? Social media. An unexpected outcome of Forrester's CRM and customer service social media research was the discovery that many of the obstacles that companies face when implementing change initiatives were resolved when the company deployed customer service social media initiatives. The key takeaway? Not only can companies transform customer service, but also they can also successfully lead the changes required for better customer experiences — which drive business process improvements deeper into the organization.
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    • Better Customer Experiences Drive Higher Revenues
    • Executives Say That Customer Experience Is Important, But Obstacles Remain
    • Social Media: A Change Agent For Better Customer Experiences

      Step Up And Lead The Social Customer Interaction Experience
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