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Agile Commerce Is Coming Of Age For European Retailers – A Social Computing Report

No Matter What Their Maturity, European eBusiness Success Will Hinge On An Effective Cross-Touchpoint Strategy

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    The most visionary European multichannel retailers are beginning their transformation toward agile commerce and are reaching out to their customers on new touchpoints — mobile, social, etc. — in a comprehensive and coherent way. But they are in the clear minority. Many retailers run successful web operations, yet lack a strategic plan to make the leap to a cohesive multichannel effort. Many retailers are not even in the game, with a significant number yet to sell online or still in the experimentation phase. These novice eCommerce sellers are still concerned about channel conflict, detrimental brand impact, and revenue cannibalization. Yet no matter what the stage of their maturity, multichannel retailers across Europe agree that customer data will be the key that unlocks cross-touchpoint success.
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    • Agile Commerce Is A Long Way Off For Most European Retailers
    • The Four Levels Of Multichannel Maturity
    • Maturity Aside, Everyone Agrees That A Unified Touchpoint Strategy Is The Goal

      It's Never Too Late (Or Early) To Start Building An Agile Commerce Strategy

      You Can't Do Everything, So Pick The Bandwagons You Jump On Carefully
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