Alex Cullen

Vice President, Research Director serving Enterprise Architecture PROFESSIONALS

Alex serves Enterprise Architecture (EA) Professionals. He is a leading expert on IT planning and strategy, governance, enterprise architecture value, and enterprise architecture practices. Alex leads the team responsible for research and advisory services that address the needs, priorities, and concerns of EA Professionals and IT strategists.

Previous Work Experience

Alex joined Forrester in 2005 as a principal analyst, providing clients with insights in the areas of IT strategy and planning, architecture, and process improvement. Prior to joining Forrester, Alex was the director of enterprise architecture and IT process improvement with John Hancock Financial Services. His experience prior to John Hancock includes working with Fortune 500 companies on technology strategy and planning and with various high-tech firms in product management and strategy. Prior to Forrester, Alex published many articles and spoke at conferences on technology strategy, IT planning, and architecture.


Alex holds a B.A. in fine arts from the University of New Hampshire. He has also participated in and lectured at various executive training programs.

Alex Cullen's Research

  • For Enterprise Architecture Professionals

    Report: Predictions 2016: EA Reshapes To Be Fit For Purpose

    Enterprise architecture (EA) programs have struggled with proving their value, particularly as the pace of technology innovation accelerates, agile execution becomes the norm, and businesses foc...

    • Downloads: 116
  • For Enterprise Architecture Professionals

    Report: Map Your Plan To EA Impact And Value

    Enterprise architecture (EA) programs too often are pulled in multiple directions and struggle to create a clear identity for the value they can deliver. High-performance EA uses a program strat...

    • Downloads: 1085
  • For Enterprise Architecture Professionals

    Report: Build Your Strategy To Transform EA

    Many enterprise architecture (EA) teams strive to be more business-focused and strategically engaged — what Forrester refers to as high-performance EA. But getting there isn't easy. It may...

    • Downloads: 1198
  • For Enterprise Architecture Professionals

    Report: Understand EA Stakeholders And Their Needs

    As firms adapt to the age of the customer, enterprise architecture (EA) organizations are engaging more at the front end of the business, with new stakeholders in sales, marketing, and product m...

    • Downloads: 1650
  • For eBusiness & Channel Strategy Professionals

    Report: Brief: Five Core Technology Enhancements For Healthcare Marketplaces

    eBusiness pros face an array of new health insurance marketplace technology solutions. Most carriers are enhancing their marketplace platforms and systems, and many vendors are addressing the gr...

    • Downloads: 127
  • For Enterprise Architecture Professionals

    Report: The Top 15 Technology Trends EA Should Watch

    IT organizations need to inform their annual and longer-term plans with an understanding of how changes in technology will enable business outcomes. EA groups are the logical leaders for this ef...

    • Downloads: 3884
  • For CIOs

    Report: Shaping The IT Organization For Today And Tomorrow

    Business expectations of IT continually change, driven by business context and needs and the embedding of technology in their strategy and operations. CIOs realize that with these changing busin...

    • Downloads: 2307
  • For CIOs

    Report: BT 2020: IT's Future In The Empowered Era

    Over the next 10 years, three sets of forces will change the relationship of business, technology, and the IT organization. Technologies that are increasingly easy to acquire and use will empowe...

    • Downloads: 2865
  • For Enterprise Architecture Professionals

    Report: Sample Business Capability Map: Insurance

    Business capability maps provide a framework for capturing key characteristics of a firm's business model and core functions that can then be used to assess business needs, understand IT costs, ...

    • Downloads: 2681
  • For CIOs

    Report: CIOs: Must-Read Research In Economic Downturns

    The signs all point to an economic recession having started in 2008 and continuing into 2009, although there is no useful consensus on how long or how deep this recession will be. CEOs, CFOs, an...

    • Downloads: 2193
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