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An Overview Of Enterprise Feedback Management Vendors And Their Capabilities – A Social Computing Report

The Technology Tool That Will Help Market Insights Professionals Bring The Research Data Streams Within The Organization Together

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    Companies are in a unique position today: They have an unprecedented ability to collect information about their customers through various channels. However, what has arisen from what one would consider a gold mine of information is actually a pain point. Data and knowledge are collected at different levels of the organization and are not shared or made accessible across departments. And the rise of do-it-yourself (DIY) capabilities across the organization only amplifies the problem. This report helps market insights professionals understand how to leverage technology tools like enterprise feedback management (EFM) to bring all research data streams together and provides an overview of the current EFM vendors and their capabilities.
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    • The Data Explosion Brings Organizational Pain Points To The Forefront
    • Focusing On Key Differentiators Will Help In The EFM Vendor Selection Process

      Use The POST Methodology To Successfully Bring EFM Into The Organization
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