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Analyst Relations Professionals

To forge relationships with key industry analysts, you're engaged in tracking and influencing analyst opinion, supporting sales efforts to drive business, and gaining market intelligence to enhance products and position.

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VP/Director/Manager, Analyst Relations
VP/Director/Manager, Corporate Communications
VP/Director/Manager, Public Relations


Senior Analyst Kevin Lucas (01:12)

Latest Research For This Role

Report: Direct Industry Analyst Relations Toward Achievable Objectives

Supporting Sales Is The Hardest Challenge For AR

April 4, 2016 | Kevin Lucas

A bewildering array of options besets industry analyst relations (AR) as it tries to identify the value it can bring to a high-tech supplier. A Forrester trends survey shows that AR professionals...

Report: Target Industry Analyst Relations With Achievable Metrics

Benchmarks: The Industry Analyst Relations Playbook

March 31, 2016 | Kevin Lucas

Myriad options puzzle industry analyst relations (AR) professionals as they try to measure the value they bring to high-tech vendors and to deliver consistently against related targets. A Forrester...

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Analysts Serving This Role

  • Kevin Lucas

    Kevin Lucas

    Analyst Relations Best Practices, Analyst Relations Planning & Process...

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Upcoming Events For This Role

Workshop: Raise Your Game In Waves, MQs, And Other Major Evaluations

June 6, 2016

Workshop: Raise Your Game In Waves, MQs, And Other Major Evaluations

June 16, 2016

Workshop: The Fundamentals Of Highly Effective Analyst Relations

June 20, 2016

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