Andy Hoar

Principal Analyst serving eBusiness & Channel Strategy PROFESSIONALS

Andy serves eBusiness & Channel Strategy Professionals. He focuses primarily on B2B and B2B2C eCommerce, as well as issues related to enabling channel partner businesses for manufacturers. Andy is the author of Forrester's B2B eCommerce playbook and is a leading authority on B2B eCommerce business and strategy.

Previous Work Experience

Prior to joining Forrester, Andy spent 11 years in product and marketing leadership roles within Silicon Valley. During his tenure there, he cofounded an eCommerce company, worked for both established companies and startups, and helped create award-winning products in the consumer Internet and mobile software spaces. Andy began his career as a research analyst for an economic consulting firm in Washington, DC.

Andy has been quoted in various media outlets including The Wall Street Journal, Internet Retailer, Direct Marketing News, American Banker, and CNBC.


Andy is a summa cum laude graduate in economics from the University of Dayton and holds an M.P.A. from Harvard University and an M.S. in integrated marketing from Northwestern University.

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  • For CIO Professionals

    Blog:IBM's Global CxO Study Shows That You Irrefutably Live In The Age Of The Customer

    Yesterday, Forrester released two important reports: one on the business masteries you need in The Age Of The Customer and one on the Business Technology you need to succeed in it. Serendipitously,...

    • For CIO Professionals

      Blog:Microsoft Buys Nokia Devices As A Major Building Block Of Its Devices+Services Strategy

      Microsoft acquired Nokia's devices business for $7.2 billion (which is only 27% of Microsoft's 2013 earnings and just 9% of its cash and short-term investments). Microsoft bought the devices...

      • For CIO Professionals

        Report:Closing The Experience Gaps

        Adopt A New Experience Architecture And Philosophy To Bridge Gaps In Performance, Convenience, Personalization, And Trust

        Improving customer experience is now the No. 1 priority of business executives. And as Forrester's revised Customer Experience Index makes clear, simply meeting needs is not enough to deliver...

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      • For CIO Professionals

        Blog:Plugging The Mobile App Gap

        What if you wanted an app on your phone or tablet and it wasn't available?   Sounds ludicrous given the million apps available in the app stores. But it's not ludicrous. It's...

        • For CIO Professionals

          Blog:Should Companies Allow Employees To Use Cloud-Hosted File Sync/Share Solutions? Yes, With Precautions.

            The Wall Street Journal published a point-counterpoint article on cloud-hosted file sync/share solutions like Dropbox, Google Docs, and myriad others. They chose a title I wouldn't have...

          • For CIO Professionals

            Charts & Figures:Unicorns Have Multiplied Like Rabbits . . . Until Now

          • For CIO Professionals

            Charts & Figures:Workforce Personas Are A Valuable Communications And Planning Tool

            Productivity Apps, Process Apps, Or Both? Personas Help You Decide

          • For CIO Professionals

            Blog:How InterContinental Hotels Group (IHG) Makes Mobile Guest Moments Great

            IHG, owner of InterContinental Hotels Group, wants to fully inhabit the mobile moments of its hotel guests in their journey from booking to arriving to staying to departing. Bill Keen is the Director...

            • For CIO Professionals

              Blog:Wendy's, Mobile Payment Moments Need To Be One-Touch Easy

              I love Wendy's Dave's Hot 'n Juicy 3/4 lb Triple burger as much as the next Neanderthal, especially after riding 50 miles in the rain. And I love mobile payments because while I...

              • For CIO Professionals

                Report:What Comes After The Unicorn Carnage?

                By the end of 2015, investors had given 152 tech startups "unicorn" valuations of more than $1 billion. But now, valuations are deflating for many private and public tech companies. Is this 2000 all...

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              • For CIO Professionals

                Blog:Apple's iOS 8 Focuses On Developers Building New Mobile Moments

                Yesterday in San Francisco, Apple showed once again that it cares about developers. And well it should. With Flurry reporting consumers spending 86% of their smartphone time in apps, not Web sites,...

                • For CIO Professionals

        's Failure Starts With Leadership, Not Technology

                  There has been lots of fingerpointing about the digital technology problems behind If I had to net it out, I'd say that government leaders blamed it on technology contractors and...

                  • For CIO Professionals

                    Blog:How Do New “Systems Of Insight” Power Great Mobile Moments And Customer Experiences? -- Launching New Research

                    Customers crave contextual and personal experiences on their mobile devices. Companies are looking to the reams of location and behavior data spun off mobile device to deliver them. Meanwhile,...

                    • For CIO Professionals

                      Report:Workforce Personas And The Mobile App Gap

                      Productivity Apps, Process Apps, Or Both? Personas Help You Decide

                      The mobile mind shift that people are experiencing at home — to expect everything on a mobile device — drives their mobile expectations at work as well. IT is slow to respond with mobile...

                      • Downloads: 550
                    • For CIO Professionals

                      Report:Brief: Microsoft Office Crosses The Cloud Rubicon

                      The Focus Is On Business Agility, And Here's Why It Matters

                      Microsoft used the SharePoint Conference 2014 to forcefully assert that its entire Office portfolio is pivoting to cloud-first development and delivery. Microsoft gave services like Yammer and...

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                    • For CIO Professionals

                      Report:How Red Robin Gourmet Burgers Nailed Mobile Engagement: A Case Study

                      Red Robin Gourmet Burgers is using iPads and social technology to transform the way team members serve guests and master their jobs. Technology is an essential component, but so is learning and...

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                    • For CIO Professionals

                      Charts & Figures:Meet Your Workforce Personas

                    • For CIO Professionals

                      Charts & Figures:How The Transformation Strategy Works For The Training Program

                    • For CIO Professionals

                      Report:Digital Insights Are The New Currency Of Business

                      Build Systems Of Insight To Consistently Turn Big Data Into Business Action

                      Businesses are drowning in data but starving for insights. Worse, they have no systematic way to consistently turn data into action. This can't continue. Demanding customers and competitive pressures...

                      • Downloads: 1149
                    • For CIO Professionals

                      Report:Wanted: Digital Engagement Providers

                      Building and delivering great mobile experiences will be the beating heart of your customer engagement strategy for the next 10 years. The challenge of making a simple, intuitive app that fronts a...

                      • Downloads: 1115
                    • For CIO Professionals

                      Blog:Wanted: Mobile Engagement Providers

                      Pal John McCarthy and I published a report on a new category of vendors that we call mobile engagement providers that have a "complete portfolio of engagement competencies and management skills to...

                      • For CIO Professionals

                        Report:The Forrester Wave™: File Sync And Share Platforms, Q3 2013

                        The 16 Providers That Matter Most And How They Stack Up

                        In Forrester's 26-criteria evaluation of file sync and share vendors, we identified, researched, analyzed, and scored products from the 16 most significant solution providers in this market:...

                        • Downloads: 1613
                      • For CIO Professionals

                        Report:Serving Your Customer-Obsessed Employees

                        Analyze And Close Your Customer Engagement Technology Gap

                        In the age of the customer, every employee has a responsibility to win, serve, and retain customers, directly, indirectly, or, in the case of customer-obsessed employees, both. As the head of the...

                        • Downloads: 203
                      • For CIO Professionals

                        Blog:Concur Delivers Mobile Travel Moments on a Cloud Technology Platform

                        The following is an excerpt from The Mobile Mind Shift, Groundswell Press, 2014, pages 153-4. Click here for more on Forrester's mobile mind shift market imperative. Steve Singh knows about...

                        • For CIO Professionals

                          Report:Quick Take: Apple's WWDC 2014 Tour De Force

                          New Developer Tools And Business Features Will Strengthen Apple's Leading Position In The Age Of The Customer

                          Introduced by Apple CEO Tim Cook, Apple software leader Craig Federighi motored through a dense list of new operating systems, iOS 8 and OS X Yosemite, compelling new customer features such as the...

                          • Downloads: 159