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App Dev Teams Dispel The Compliance Boogeyman

The Real Effects Of Compliance Defy Expectations

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    Compliance does have an effect on application development and delivery — but not in the way that most people assume. In some aspects of software development, such as choice of methodology, compliance has little or no impact. This is true for Agile, which on the surface appears to be completely incompatible with heavyweight process and documentation requirements. In other areas, such as mobile development, compliance does have the expected effect, significantly limiting a team's options. Compliance also has some unanticipated effects on developers themselves, shaping their attitudes toward their work. Finally, and even more surprisingly, compliance can be a boon to the team in some ways, providing a compelling reason to improve team productivity.
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    • Compliance Is Hard But Not Impossible
    • Compliance Has Little Effect On How Teams Work
    • Compliance Has A Bigger Effect On What Teams Build
    • Compliance Shapes The Developer's World View
    • Compliance Compels Efficiencies

      Seize The Compliance Opportunity To Make Team Improvements
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      Compliance Has Only A Marginal Effect On Languages And Frameworks