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    Reducing the costs of an identity and access management (IAM) solution has been a top priority for security and risk professionals for a long time. Although IAM solutions have matured significantly and security professionals can better quantify their benefits, many companies still can't justify their cost. For many companies that need IAM but can't afford the upfront capital investment and ongoing maintenance of an on-premises solution, cloud-based IAM services might be a good alternative. However, there are different types of cloud services for different use cases. There are services that provide IAM specifically for software-as-a-service (SaaS) applications and other services that allow you to move IAM into the cloud completely. There are also trusted broker networks to help you create large, federated IAM meshes between many companies and services that help you bridge your existing, on-premises IAM solution with SaaS applications. Finding the right solution isn't easy. That's why Forrester created a self-assessment tool that will help you choose the right cloud-based IAM service for your unique situation. This report provides security and risk professionals working on identity and access management with a quick framework for making these build/buy decisions and introduces Forrester's Cloud-Based IAM Self-Assessment Tool.
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