Art Schoeller

Vice President, Principal Analyst serving Application Development & Delivery PROFESSIONALS

As vice president and principal analyst at Forrester Research, Art Schoeller supports Application Development & Delivery (AD&D) Professionals who plan, build, and run unified communications and contact center workloads for enterprises.

Previous Work Experience

Art Schoeller's 35 years of experience span the computer, communications, and software industries. Art was an early member of the call center product management team at AT&T, helping it establish its early market share gains that led to Avaya being a leader today. He is best known in the contact center industry for his accomplishments with CTI by helping establish standards and solutions to grow the market in its early stages while at AT&T/Lucent. He led the team that partnered with Novell to establish the CSTA standard. This standard continues to this day to be the default CTI interface for contact center and telephony integration applications.

In addition, Art has had vice president and director level roles in product management and marketing for conferencing, collaboration, and unified messaging products while at AT&T/Lucent and Dictaphone. In the four years he worked at Microsoft, he led the development of a unified communications and collaboration solution with Accenture that drove $500 million in software and services sales and 1 million seats of cloud computing. Art also filled leadership roles in analyzing these markets while holding director-level positions at Gartner Group, Yankee Group, and now Forrester Research. In these roles, he did industry leading research on the transition to VoIP, multichannel contact centers, and speech recognition technology.


Art has a dual B.S. degree in computer science and computer engineering from Brown University.

Art Schoeller's Research

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