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Asia Pacific Online Retail Forecast, 2010 To 2015

A Look At Growth In Five Markets With A Focus On China, Japan, And Australia

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    Nowhere in the world is online shopping exploding as quickly as in Asia Pacific. This region now includes more than 40% of the global online population, and with the growing percentage of online shoppers and increasing per-capita online spending, the aggregate online retail markets of Asia Pacific are growing faster than their counterparts in North America or Europe. There are widely different dynamics and growth rates across Asia Pacific, however, ranging from the robust but relatively mature online retail market in Japan to the large-and-skyrocketing market in China. By contrast, India's online shopping market remains extremely small in comparison to its northeastern neighbors in Asia. A look at online retail sales in five of the largest Asia Pacific markets reveals countries at very different stages of the global eCommerce adoption cycle.
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    • Online Retail Sales In Asia Are Poised To Explode

      Size Is Not The Only Factor Differentiating Online Markets In Asia Pacific
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      Japan Online Retail Market (B2C Only)

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      China Online Retail Market (Includes B2C And C2C)

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      Australia Online Retail Market (B2C Only)

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      Aggregate Asia Pacific Category Sales