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Assessing Which Applications To Offshore

A Selection Framework

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    Outsourcing application development and support offshore in a more strategic way is an increasingly important agenda item for IT organizations. Companies have come to realize that they can get more than just labor arbitrage from their outsourcing relationships. However, they are not sure how to evolve from a pure staff augmentation model to a more strategic outsourcing relationship. One way to do this is to select applications to fully outsource rather than selecting tasks, people, or roles to outsource. In this way, service providers can bring their process and technical expertise to bear to improve the quality of applications and reduce the costs of supporting or developing those applications. To help firms select the applications that are suitable for this type of outsourcing, Forrester has developed a framework that clients can use to kick-start their efforts.
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    • Why Bother With Strategic Offshore Outsourcing?
    • Today, Even Savvy Clients Lack A Formal Approach To Portfolio Analysis
    • Introducing Forrester's Application Offshoring Selection Framework
    • Customize The Application Offshoring Selection Framework To Meet Your Needs

      Coalescing Around Application Analysis Benefits All Participants
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