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Asset-Based IT Services Shift Service Vendors' Operating Models

Four Crucial Steps To Succeed With Asset-Based IT Services Offerings

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    Forrrester has previously described why the move to software asset-based offerings has been slow to date and what steps service vendors are increasingly taking in order to successfully grow their solution accelerator footprint. Yet most of the service providers we talk to are struggling to fully understand and embrace the changes that a move toward asset-based IT services requires. Asset-based services require a massive cultural change that affects vendors' strategy, organization, and the processes and tools they need to implement. To help vendor strategists understand the requirements and prepare for the paradigm shift in their operating models, this report dives deeply into the best practices for developing and managing the software assets that provide the crucial underpinning of asset-based services.
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    • Software Assets Push Service Vendors To Adopt Product Strategies

      Software Asset Strategies Will Mature Over Time
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