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Atlas Shrugged: Security Pros Must Adjust To The New Realities Of A Post-RSA Breach World

Plan Your Move To Risk-Based Authentication And Software-Based Tokens

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    The RSA breach presents IT security professionals with significant challenges regarding authentication and questions the security of the bulletproof hardware token hitherto thought to be invincible. As a result, IT security is asking vendors tough questions about two-factor authentication (2FA) and how they protect 2FA token information. In addition, Forrester sees more and more IT security professionals moving away from hardware-based 2FA authentication tokens toward risk-based authentication (not only for customer access but also for enterprise user access) and to easier-to-manage software-based tokens.
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    • The RSA Breach Reveals Significant Failings In Two-Factor Authentication
    • Organizations Must Complement Their 2FA Arsenal With Other Methods

      Demand To Know How Your 2FA Tokens Work And How Vendors Protect Them
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