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Augment DevOps With NoOps

DevOps Is Good, But Cloud Computing Will Usher In NoOps

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    Development + operations = DevOps. DevOps denotes better communication and collaboration between application development professionals and infrastructure and operations (I&O) professionals. DevOps improves collaboration in deploying and running applications and infrastructure to drive better outcomes. Effective enterprise IT organizations have been doing this for years. But new developments in cloud computing are ushering in a new era of on-demand infrastructure, self-provisioning of resources, and elastic application architectures, greatly diminishing the need for developers to interact with operations for releases. A DevOps focus on collaboration evolves into a NoOps focus on automation. But there is no magic — in this ambitious NoOps future, operations professionals must utilize infrastructure, working differently to enable developers to achieve better outcomes with less manual intervention. Continue to pursue DevOps, but prepare to augment it with NoOps as cloud-based services grow in popularity.
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