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Augmented Reality: Emerging Tools To Explore

eBusiness Pros Should Evaluate The Use Of Mobile Augmented Reality To Simplify Services

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    Mobile augmented reality (AR) is on the verge of becoming a powerful tool that eBusiness professionals can use to engage consumers all the way through their purchase journey. The use of augmented reality can simplify the discovery and consumption of content as well as allow consumers to experience products before purchasing them. What eBusiness professionals must keep top of mind is that augmented reality, like 2D bar codes or messaging, is simply a tactic or form of connective tissue that helps consumers find relevant information. It is not a strategy or end in itself. eBusiness professionals must first create an overall mobile strategy and then determine if augmented reality fits and in what form. The goal should be to embed AR as a tool within the purchase path — not to leave it as a standalone service.
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    • Augmented Reality Will Fulfill Our Imagination's Desire For A Personal World
    • eBusiness Professionals Must Navigate Myriad Decision Points To Build AR
    • Augmented Reality Can Enhance Each Step Of The Customer Journey

      Leverage AR For Convenience — Not As A Gimmick
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