Aurelie L'Hostis

Analyst serving eBusiness & Channel Strategy PROFESSIONALS

Aurélie is an analyst serving eBusiness & Channel Strategy Professionals. She specializes in digital business strategy for retail banks. Her research concentrates on how digital technologies are affecting consumers' behavior and expectations and transforming banks and their business models. Her current areas of research include multichannel banking strategy, mobile banking, and digital money management. Her research also analyzes banking customers’ channel use, with a particular focus on Europe. She is based in Forrester's London office.

Previous Work Experience

Prior to her role as analyst, Aurélie was a researcher in Forrester's eBusiness & Channel Strategy research team. In that role, she published reports on topics including multichannel banking strategy, mobile banking, digital money management, usage-based insurance, and disruption in retail financial services.

Before joining Forrester, Aurélie spent four years working as a business development consultant, first for the French Chamber of Commerce in the UK and then for the French banking group CM-CIC. In that role, she undertook research projects and produced in-depth market reports across a wide variety of industries for French companies seeking to develop their business activities in the UK. She helped clients identify strategic business opportunities and develop marketing strategies to gain access to the UK market.

Aurélie is a French national and is fluent in both French and English. She has substantial experience in working cross-culture and is interested in how national culture affects both consumer behavior and businesses.


Aurélie holds a B.A. and M.A. in English and American studies from the University of Bordeaux and graduated from the University of Cambridge with a Ph.D. in literature.

Aurelie L'Hostis's Research

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    Report: The State Of Digital Banking, 2016

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    Report: Use Customer Journeys To Guide Your Digital Banking Strategy

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    Report: The State Of CX Management In Retail Banking, 2016

    We surveyed execs at retail banks, and three-quarters of them told us that their bank aspires to be a leader in customer experience (CX) — but few are doing what it takes to get there. This repo...

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    Report: Follow Best Practices To Encourage Mobile Banking Use

    This report looks at how digital banking teams can drive mobile banking use by understanding their customers' needs, following a customer-centric design and development process, using marketing ...

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    Report: Disrupting Finance: Digital Banks

    Over the past few years, a wave of new digital banks like Fidor Bank, Hello bank, Jibun Bank, Moven, and Widiba have launched, competing to win customers with better digital customer experiences...

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    Report: Disrupting Finance: Digital Insurers

    The past few years have seen the emergence of several digital insurance startups like Cuvva, Metromile, Oscar, and Trōv, which use digital technologies to simplify the buying and managing of ins...

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    Report: 2015 Global Mobile Banking Functionality Benchmark

    Over the past five years, mobile banking has gone from little more than an extension of online banking to what one digital banking executive calls "the most important part of my job." eBusiness ...

  • For eBusiness & Channel Strategy Professionals

    Report: The State Of Mobile Banking, 2015

    Mobile banking continues to gather momentum across developed countries, fueled by rising smartphone use and the steadily improving supply of mobile banking from banks worldwide. We expect mobile...

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