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Avoid Process Data Headaches: Align Business Process And Data Governance Initiatives

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    Today, enterprises swim in an endless ocean of business data used to power mission-critical business processes, executive decisions, corporate policies, and business rules. Many organizations kick off master data management (MDM) initiatives to cleanse and reconcile large volumes of incoming data and put large volumes of information into the proper context for business users. And many of these same organizations launch extensive business process management (BPM) initiatives to improve their mission-critical business processes. Yet most MDM and BPM efforts remain siloed, with limited — if any — collaboration or coordination across the two teams, opening both initiatives up to risk of potential failure. To minimize this risk, visionary BPM and MDM teams turn to process data management, which acknowledges the inherent connection between business process improvement and data quality. Instead of leaning on technology as the silver bullet, business process pros should first align organizational competencies, governance models, and shared accountability to improve coordination and collaboration across BPM and MDM projects and teams.
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    • Today, Process And Data Governance Are Not Aligned
    • Focus On Process Data Governance Means That Both Deliver Greater Value

      Align Existing Data And Process Management Efforts Immediately
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