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B2B Marketing Professionals

Today's buyers are more demanding, informed, and value-sensitive, and they have more choices than ever before.

To succeed, B2B marketers must recognize the different types of buyers and understand the problems they are trying to solve, be able to demonstrate clear value to the buyers, and infuse outside-in thinking in all teams that support the selling system.

Who this role is for:

VP/Director of Marketing
VP/Director of Sales Enablement
VP/Director of Channel Marketing
VP/Director of Demand Generation
VP/Director of Product or Solutions Marketing

Vice President and Research Director Peter O'Neill (01:56)

Market Imperatives For Today’s B2B Marketing Professionals

Align selling experiences to buyer expectations:

Threats To Their Traditional Sales Force Will Change The Focus For B2B Marketers: Death Of A (B2B) Salesman

Digitally enable sales and channels:

Turn Your Channel Into A Marketing Machine

‚ÄčEngage at your customers' moment of need:

B2B Marketers Must Step Up to Message Management

The Lead-To-Revenue Playbook

Turn big data into actionable customer insights:

From Big Data To Actionable Insight: The Role Of Predictive Analytics In B2B Marketing

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Auditing Practices Better Connects Marketing Content To Business Results

April 29, 2016 | Laura Ramos

To understand how well B2B marketers produce and share content that creates interest, relevance, and relationships, we surveyed 113 senior marketers to gauge their content development sophistication...

Report: Simplifying The Seller's Journey

B2B Marketers Can Help Sellers Maximize Efficiency To Gain Effectiveness

April 15, 2016 | Steven Wright

Understanding and simplifying the buyer's journey is a cornerstone of the age of the customer. But B2B marketers also need to consider the seller's journey. Conversations with users of sales...

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