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B2B Marketing Professionals

Today's buyers are more demanding, informed, and value-sensitive, and they have more choices than ever before.

To succeed, B2B marketers must recognize the different types of buyers and understand the problems they are trying to solve, be able to demonstrate clear value to the buyers, and infuse outside-in thinking in all teams that support the selling system.

Who this role is for:

VP/Director of Marketing
VP/Director of Sales Enablement
VP/Director of Channel Marketing
VP/Director of Demand Generation
VP/Director of Product or Solutions Marketing

Latest Research For This Role

Report: Microsegmentation Yields Contextual Customer Experiences That Convert

Strategic Plan: The B2B Marketing Playbook

June 30, 2020 | Lori Wizdo

Segmentation is the bedrock of B2B marketing campaigns. Marketers use segmentation to partition their databases and plan interactions with key audiences. But B2B marketers must rethink segmentation...

Report: The Forrester Tech Tide™: Channel Software, Q2 2020

Seven Technologies Underpin Channel Software

June 25, 2020 | Jay McBain

Channel software is increasingly critical to firms' ability to win, serve, and retain their customers and partners. To accelerate performance of their partnerships and channel ecosystems, companies...

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