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BI Belt Tightening In A Tough Economic Climate

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    As an economic downturn becomes a sobering reality, enterprises look for various ways to increase revenues and reduce costs. While overall IT budgets become targets for cost cutting, business intelligence (BI) applications and infrastructure need not fall into the same category. Smart information and knowledge management (I&KM) professionals are leveraging BI as a corporate asset to continue to survive, compete, and thrive — even in tough economic times. Therefore, rather than implementing BI cuts across the board, Forrester recommends that I&KM pros use a more targeted approach of BI consolidation and optimization, as well as an evaluation to see if lower-cost technology alternatives are right for you. These approaches can enable you to do more with less, leading to a win-win scenario that can contribute to both your top and bottom lines.
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    • Consider Lower-Cost Alternatives To Complement An Existing BI Stack

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