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BT 2020: IT's Future In The Empowered Era

An Empowered Report: Sweeping Changes In The Business Landscape Will Topple The IT Status Quo

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    Over the next 10 years, three sets of forces will change the relationship of business, technology, and the IT organization. Technologies that are increasingly easy to acquire and use will empower business self-sufficiency. Tech-savvy business managers and staff will provision their own technology solutions. Huge changes in the business landscape will up the ante for speed and agility. The IT status quo will collapse under these forces, and a new model — empowered BT — will take its place. Today's IT and business leaders should prepare by rethinking the role the IT department plays and how technology staff engage the business, shifting from controlling to teaching and guiding.
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    • Three Forces Will Shape Your Business Environment In 2020
    • The Old Models Of IT Won't Work In 2020 — A New Path Is Needed
    • The Building Blocks Of Empowered BT

      CIOs — Lead Your Organization To A New Mindset

      BT In 2020 Changes More Than The Organization Model
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