Lead The BT Transformation

Empowered customers are shaping corporate strategies and the technology agenda. In response, CIOs are investing in business technology (BT) — the technology, systems, and processes to win, serve, and retain customers. But bolting new thinking onto old ways of working can leave you stuck. You need a new model to differentiate your company, drive growth, and give you and your team a powerful voice in setting business direction.

Break Free Of IT Gravity


The BT agenda demands a total shift in strategy and operations to deliver superior digital experiences to fast-moving mobile customers.


The legacy IT operating model, with its focus on optimization and resiliency, is slow and risky. Change the rules to reduce the risk.


A customer-obsessed operating model — focused on business outcomes and fueled by customer data and analytics — demands new skills, culture, processes, and systems.


Your Partner To Drive Growth

Forrester provides CIOs and leaders with unparalleled insight into how to transform their technology organization.

  • Learn best practices from executive peers who are facing similar people, process, and technology issues.
  • Strengthen business and marketing priorities based on customer behavior data.
  • Create a compelling vision and strategy using Forrester’s BT research and customer-obsessed operating model.


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Total technology purchases from 2010-2016 have shifted, with IT spending at 13% growth and BT spending at 62% growth

Spending Shift:
Total technology purchases 2010-2016.