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Benchmarking German Banks' Sales Sites, 2011

eBusiness Executives Should Prioritize Adding Product Selection Functionality

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    Forrester evaluated the public websites of eight German banks using our Website Functionality Benchmark methodology — and found gaps in marketing, advice, and application support. Few German banks' websites excel in attracting customers' attention to their giro account offers. While eBusiness teams have done well at providing product information, most fail to help customers find the right giro account or provide helpful pre- and post-application information. eBusiness executives should advertise giro accounts on their websites more prominently, highlight company and service benefits, and provide more and better functionality for product comparison and selection.
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    • Forrester's Website Functionality Benchmark Methodology
    • German Banks' Websites Do Not Help Customers Find The Right Giro Account
    • Best Practices Of German Bank Websites In Content And Functionality

      Help Customers Find The Right Giro Account For Their Needs
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