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Benjamin Gray

Principal Analyst

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    Research Focus

    Benjamin serves Infrastructure & Operations professionals. He is a leading expert on business-class PCs and desktop operating systems and also researches business-class mobile devices, mobile operating systems, and mobile device management solutions. Benjamin helps Forrester clients develop and improve their strategy around client hardware and client operating systems.

    In his research, Benjamin covers infrastructure-related topics such as RFP best practices when purchasing client hardware, and operations-related topics such as when, why, and how businesses should migrate client operating systems. He writes about the state of the North American and European enterprise and SMB PC; business-class desktop, laptop, and mobile device hardware; desktop and mobile operating systems; and mobile device management.

    Benjamin's research and analysis have been widely cited in the press, including business media outlets such as The Associated Press, Bloomberg, The New York Times, USA Today, and The Wall Street Journal and industry media outlets such as Computerworld, eWeek, InformationWeek, InfoWorld, and NetworkWorld.

    Previous Work Experience

    In his previous position, Benjamin served as a researcher at Forrester. In that role, he interviewed hundreds of executives and technology decision-makers on topics such as communications, networking equipment, security products, PC hardware, mobile device hardware, and enterprise and SMB IT best practices.


    Benjamin graduated from Brandeis University, with a degree in computer science, Internet studies, and anthropology.