Benjamin Ensor

Vice President, Research Director serving eBusiness & Channel Strategy PROFESSIONALS

Benjamin serves eBusiness & Channel Strategy Professionals. His research focuses on how consumers perceive, adopt, and use new technologies and what that means for business executives at consumer companies, encompassing topics like customer segmentation, business models, and managing multiple distribution channels.

His research explores how emerging technologies like the Internet and mobile phones affect consumers' behavior, what motivates their use of different channels for different tasks, and how new channels and technologies are changing consumers' media consumption and their relationships with consumer firms like retailers and financial services companies. In particular, he specializes in understanding the effect of the Internet and other new technologies on business models in retail financial services, including payments, banking, lending, investments, and insurance.

During his 16 years at Forrester, Benjamin has worked in the company's Consumer Technographics®, financial services, and eBusiness channel & product management professional teams. He is based in Forrester's London office.

Previous Work Experience

Before he joined Forrester, Benjamin was an analyst at Fletcher Research, the UK Internet research company that Forrester acquired. There, he researched the nascent online retail, online financial services, and online advertising markets. Before joining Fletcher Research, Benjamin worked as a financial journalist in London for four years.


Benjamin has a degree in modern history from Trinity College, Oxford.

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