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Best Practices: Five Strategies For Leading Diverse, Distributed Teams To Success

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    Leading teams is a job not for the faint of heart — particularly when those teams are multicultural, geographically distributed, and composed of individuals who work for multiple companies with competing priorities. To successfully lead these diverse, distributed teams, your leaders need solid leadership skills and an understanding of development and delivery processes, but that's not enough. They also need improved soft skills and the ability to bridge cultural, geographic, and organizational gaps to bring people together despite differences. Managing diverse, distributed teams challenges many team leaders, but by adopting five best practices — staffing the team thoughtfully, building trust, communicating robustly, managing time zone differences, and using technology wisely — any leader can improve team outcomes, despite diversity.
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    • Leading Diverse, Distributed Teams? Prepare For The Challenge
    • Best Demonstrated Practices For Managing Diverse, Distributed Teams
    • Best Practice No. 1: Staff The Team Thoughtfully
    • Best Practice No. 2: Work Relentlessly To Build Trust
    • Best Practice No. 3: Establish Robust Communication Channels
    • Best Practice No. 4: Manage Time Zones (Or They Will Manage You)
    • Best Practice No. 5: Use Technology To Boost Success

      Managing Diverse, Distributed Teams: A Tough Job, But Not Impossible
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      Email, Calendaring, IM, And Document Sharing Are The Most Used Collaboration Tools