Best Practices For A Successful BI Strategy

A Business Technology Workshop

Tuesday, October 19, 2010Cambridge, MA

This Workshop has Passed.

Event Overview

Ever-increasing data volumes, complexity of global operations, and demanding regulatory reporting requirements are just some of the reasons. But also, more and more businesses realize that BI is not just a tool but rather a key corporate asset that they can use to survive, compete, and succeed in an otherwise increasingly commoditized global economy.

However, Forrester research consistently finds that many BI initiatives fail and even more are less-than successful. In this interactive one-day Workshop, learn the fundamentals and best practices for building effective and efficient BI platforms and applications. The Workshop includes hands-on exercises with tangible deliverables that you can take back to your teams to help you jump-start or adjust the course of your BI initiatives.

Who Should Attend?

  • CIOs
  • Enterprise Architecture professionals
  • Business intelligence and data warehouse application, program, and project managers
  • Anyone else involved with requesting, approving, designing, architecting, building, implementing, supporting, and using BI applications

Why Attend?

Hundreds of organizations have already benefited from reading Forrester research and working with Forrester analysts on the topics covered in this Workshop. Gain an understanding of the fundamentals, best practices, and typical causes for failures when building effective and efficient BI platforms, applications, and projects.

Forrester analysts present our most recent research:

  • Why are BI initiatives at the top of everyone's agenda, while many of them still fail?
  • What are some of the best practices necessary to achieve successful BI implementations?
  • What are some of the next-generation BI technologies and trends that you can't overlook, such as agile BI and self-service BI?
  • How do you assess your BI maturity so that you can get a solid starting point on the way to your BI vision and target BI state?
  • How do you assess whether your organization has a solid BI strategy?