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Best Practices In Multichannel Financial Services Sales

Take An Agile Approach To Support Customers Across Multiple Touchpoints

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    The rapid development of customer touchpoints, increasing customer expectations, and the pressure for success in the competitive market forces eBusiness and channel strategy executives at financial firms to drive multichannel sales. While this is not an easy task, executives at leading financial firms have implemented effective multichannel sales processes. Doing so requires breaking down organizational and technology silos to launch concerted campaigns across different touchpoints, integrate the Web with human channels, support and encourage channel switching, and use different channels to track and follow up on applications. Multichannel sales needs to be supported on all company levels — including strategy, organization, IT, and controlling.
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    • Financial eBusiness Executives Need To Drive Multichannel Sales
    • Successful Firms Have Implemented Effective Multichannel Sales Processes
    • Multichannel Sales Needs To Be Supported In All Company Areas

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