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Best Practices: The Smart Way To Implement CRM SaaS Solutions

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    CRM software-as-a service (SaaS) solutions have moved beyond their previous status as a specialized deployment option and into the mainstream. According to Forrester's Enterprise and SMB Software Survey, North America and Europe, Q3 2007, more than a third of IT software decision-makers in North America and Europe tell us that they are already using, or are interested in using or piloting, SaaS applications to support their customer-facing business processes. But CRM professionals worry about the true total cost of ownership (TCO) for SaaS, feel challenged by integration and customization issues, have qualms about data security, and find SaaS pricing models and contracts confusing. To understand the best practices for overcoming these challenges, Forrester interviewed CRM SaaS early-adopter companies and talked with leading CRM SaaS vendors and professional services organizations. Smart companies use five best practice strategies to succeed with CRM SaaS solutions: build a solid business case; negotiate a sound contract; use a proven implementation approach; establish strong data security procedures; and create robust governance and support structures.
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    • SaaS Adoption Rises, But CRM Professionals Face New Dangers
    • Successful Adopters Use Five Strategies To Reduce Their Risks
    • Best Practice No. 1: Build The Right Business Case
    • Best Practice No. 2: Negotiate The Right Contract
    • Best Practice No. 3: Follow The Right Implementation Approach
    • Best Practice No. 4: Adopt The Right Data Security Procedures
    • Best Practice No. 5: Establish The Right Support Structure
    • Forrester's CRM SaaS Adoption Next Practices
    • Identifying Your Challenges
    • Case Studies
    • Supplemental Material
    • Related Research Documents