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Beyond Tablets: The Next Five Computing Form Factors To Watch

Product Strategists Should Stay Ahead Of Disruption With Innovation Now

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    Tablets have been the "it" product of 2010 and 2011. But they're not the final form factor. It's time for product strategists to anticipate what's coming next. We've identified five form factors as likely candidates: wearables, embedded devices, surfaces, flexible displays, and mini-projectors. While some of these devices will broaden their appeal to consumers in 2012, others are years away from marketability. But that's no excuse for ignoring them: Your product strategy must adapt to the increasing diversity of the form factors of the near future or risk disruption and missed innovation opportunities.

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    • Product Strategists Risk Missing The Innovations Around The Corner
    • All Five Of These Form Factors Will Advance Post-PC Consumer Computing
    • Value Proposition, Not Technology, Will Determine Form Factor Success

      These Form Factors Are The Future, But Product Strategists Should Act Now
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