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Bitcoin: Some Parts Brilliant, Some Parts Sure To Bomb

An Executive Q&A On Why Bitcoin Is Flawed But Will Spur More Efficient Payment Systems

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    Bitcoin has attracted significant attention in recent months from entrepreneurs, journalists, consumers, merchants, and government entities. eBusiness executives, especially at banks and retailers, are puzzled by Bitcoin, the first crypto-currency, a new method of value exchange via the Internet, and are struggling to understand its value to and potential impact on their businesses. In this Q&A document, we provide clarity on the current facts around Bitcoin, our prognosis for its future, and the impact that virtual currencies will have on the retail and payments landscape overall.
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    • 1. What is Bitcoin?
    • 2. Who are the main players?
    • 3. What headway has Bitcoin made?
    • 4. How viable is Bitcoin as a consumer payment alternative?
    • 5. Should I worry about crypto-currencies like Bitcoin disrupting my business?
    • 6. How can I outsmart crypto-currencies?