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Boost Brand Engagement With Native Advertising

Marketers Can Tell Unique Stories Through Trusted Media Channels, But Must Deliver Value Transparently

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    Native advertising, or sponsored content — a new form of online media promotion that inserts brand-created messages in the editorial product — is changing how some marketers work with media to achieve greater engagement and preference from their customers. Native advertising delivers higher engagement levels than display advertising and is showing early success also on consumers’ mobile screens. Publishers are attracted by its potential to deliver significantly higher advertising revenue than with standard display inventory. But both marketers and publishers could get stung by a loss of consumer trust if they are not upfront in differentiating editorial content from native ads and if they fail to deliver engaging and valuable content. Read this report to learn how leading brands connect native advertising to their marketing mix and objectives, and how they manage native advertising’s placement and production.

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    • Native Advertising Is Coming To A Marketing Department Near You
    • Successful Native Ads Deliver Visible Value And Are Transparent
    • Mastering Native Advertising Creation And Distribution For Success
    • Measure Native Ads' Effectiveness With Engagement And Brand Lift

      Explore Native Advertising Potential To Extend Brands' Storytelling

      Publishers And Brands Will Jointly Manage Trust In Brands' Content
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