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Brand Loyalty Isn't Enough For Products Anymore

Product Strategists Must Build Total Product Experiences To Combat Consumers' Declining Brand Loyalty

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    Brand loyalty has long been a critical pillar of product strategy, but its power is in relative decline. Technology and a recessionary economy have threatened the value of brand loyalty, especially in the past five years. While brand still matters, it's not sufficient in and of itself to position products in the market. Consequently, product strategists need to start thinking differently about brand loyalty, starting with the notion of total product experiences. Creative product strategists will build total product experience chains — product strategies built on links of brand, gaming, and product customization — to help reinvigorate loyalty. Product strategists must build alliances with their peers in other industries, and learn a new set of technologies, to make this happen.
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    • Product Strategists Can No Longer Count On Brand Loyalty Alone
    • Craft A Total Product Experience Chain To Reinvigorate Loyalty

      Build A Total Product Experience Based On Today's Adjacent Possibilities
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