Brandon Purcell

Senior Analyst serving Customer Insights PROFESSIONALS

Brandon serves Customer Insights Professionals, covering customer analytics and artificial intelligence. His work helps organizations derive meaningful insights from customer data to attract and retain customers, increase customer loyalty and profitability, and inform product development and service delivery. His research agenda includes customer analytics and artificial intelligence strategy, innovation and best practices, skill development, and vendor evaluation.

Previous Work Experience

Prior to joining Forrester, Brandon led the data science team at a boutique consulting firm, helping marketers derive actionable insights from their customer and marketing data. As a data scientist, Brandon employed advanced customer analytics techniques such as predictive modeling and text analytics to address his clients’ business challenges. His engagements included helping a large retail bank develop a voice-of-the-customer program and creating a patented predictive location algorithm using geospatial data from mobile devices. His extensive analyses of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau’s Consumer Complaint Database have been featured in Bloomberg, Forbes, and The Financial Brand.

Brandon spent many years as a financial specialist on the floors of the American Stock Exchange and Chicago Board Options Exchange. He also spent two years as a Peace Corps volunteer teaching English in the Republic of Benin in West Africa.


Brandon holds an MBA from the Haas School of Business at U.C. Berkeley and a B.A. in English and creative writing from Dartmouth College.

Brandon Purcell's Research

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