Brian Hopkins

VP, Principal Analyst serving Enterprise Architecture PROFESSIONALS

Brian covers emerging technology, technology innovation, data management, and big data for Enterprise Architecture Professionals. His research provides practical advice to architects and IT strategists seeking to leverage emerging technology, improve their technology innovation practices, and evolve their data management capabilities.

Previous Work Experience

Brian has 15 years of experience in IT as an advisor, strategist, architect, and manager. As an analyst, he is the lead for Forrester's emerging technology playbook, is co-lead on the data management playbook, publishes our annual top technologies to watch report, and has authored several groundbreaking pieces on big data. He has helped numerous clients develop their technology watchlists, evolve their architecture practices, and develop strategic approaches to hot topics like big data, business intelligence, and data management. Before joining Forrester, he worked in the financial services and defense industries, where he acted as principal architect for information management technology; overhauled enterprise architecture practices, processes, and governance; and advised executives on emerging technologies.


Brian holds a B.S. in electrical engineering from Texas A&M University (1989).

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  • Brian Hopkins
  • For Enterprise Architecture Professionals

    Blog:The Top Technology Trends For The Next Three Years (Part 2)

    As promised in my blog last week, here is part 2. In part 1, I introduced the two trends reports we did this year and showed the list of trends for business technology. These are trends and...

    • For Enterprise Architecture Professionals

      Blog:From Our EA Community — Boiling Down Your BT Strategy To A Single Page

      Last fall, a member of our enterprise architecture community asked a simple question — how do you represent IT strategy on a single page? What resulted was the most read and commented...

      • For Enterprise Architecture Professionals

        Blog:Is Moore's Law Still Valid?

        Has anybody noticed that processor speed has stopped doubling every 18 months? This occurred to me the other day, so I took some time to figure out why and draw some conclusions about Moore's law...

        • For Enterprise Architecture Professionals

          Blog:The Emerging Technology Juggernaut

          I heard a great analogy from a client recently; buying new technology is like buying a new car - there are a lot of different strategies. Some people want a new car every couple of years and pay a...

          • For Enterprise Architecture Professionals

            Blog:Big Data, Welcome To Those Awkward Teenage Years

            Just a few years ago, when big data was associated primarily with Hadoop, it was like a precocious child…fun for adults, but nobody took it seriously. I’m attending Strata in San Jose...

            • For Enterprise Architecture Professionals

              Blog:Closing The Innovation Gap

              Greetings — thanks for taking the time to read my inaugural blog! Let me introduce myself by way of continuing a discussion that I started at Practicing EA and on innovation...

              • For Enterprise Architecture Professionals

                Blog:What’s Cooking – Emerging Tech Update 2013 (Part 1)

                  #next_pages_container { width: 5px; hight: 5px; position: absolute; top: -100px; left: -100px; z-index: 2147483647 !important; }As the analyst covering all things emerging information...

                • For Chief Information Officer Professionals

                  Blog:Reset On Big Data Or Miss The Big Change

                  Big data is undergoing big change, but most companies are missing it or just grasping at the edges. My colleague Fatemeh Khatibloo and I have just completed an exhaustive study of the big data...

                  • For Enterprise Architecture Professionals

                    Blog:Rethink Your IT Strategy If You’re Serious About Cloud

                    Cloud – people can’t agree on exactly what it is, but everyone can agree that they want some piece of it. I have not talked to a single client who isn’t doing something proactively...

                    • For Enterprise Architecture Professionals

                      Blog:Blogging From the IBM Big Data Symposium - Big Is More Than Just Big

                      Just attended a Big Data symposium courtesy of IBM and thought I’d share a few insights, as probably many of you have heard the term but are not sure what it means to you. No. 1: Big Data is...

                      • For Enterprise Architecture Professionals

                        Blog:How Do New “Systems Of Insight” Power Great Mobile Moments And Customer Experiences?

                        Customers crave contextual and personal experiences on their mobile devices. Companies are looking to the reams of location and behavior data spun off mobile device to deliver them. Meanwhile,...

                        • For Enterprise Architecture Professionals

                          Blog:Agility And What's Keeping You From It

                          In our Forrsights Business Decision-Makers Survey, Q4 2011, we asked business technology leaders to rate IT’s ability to establish an architecture that can accommodate changes to business...

                          • For Enterprise Architecture Professionals

                            Blog:Enterprise Data Management Is Not The Holy Grail

                            From my first days as a baby architect, I was spoon-fed the idea that enterprise data management (EDM) was the solution to our data woes. Some call it enterprise information management or other names...

                            • For Enterprise Architecture Professionals

                              Blog:Forrester's Top Emerging Technologies To Watch, Now Through 2020

                              Technology has given your customers choices and digital predators the edge. Ask marketing, they will tell you about the decreasing effectiveness of traditional campaigns. Look at your business...

                              • For Enterprise Architecture Professionals

                                Blog:Elephants, Pigs, Rhinos and Giraphs; Oh My! – It's Time To Get A Handle On Hadoop

                                By now you have at least seen the cute little elephant logo or you may have spent serious time with the basic components of Hadoop like HDFS, MapReduce, Hive, Pig and most recently YARN. But do you...

                                • For Enterprise Architecture Professionals

                                  Blog:Why Bitcoin Is Here To Stay

                                  When I stumbled across Bitcoin (or Bit-O-Coin, as my wife likes to call it) a few years back, my spidey sense started tingling. Since that time, I’ve made a few off hand remarks about the...

                                  • For Enterprise Architecture Professionals

                                    Blog:Engagement, Smart Systems, and Nimbleness Anchor The Top Tech Trends To Watch

                                    Mobile, social, and cloud computing have created seismic shifts in the business technology landscape over the last seven years. Instead of simply evolving our 2011 top trends research, this year...

                                    • For Enterprise Architecture Professionals

                                      Blog:A Copernican Shift (And A Tip Of My Hat To Randy Heffner)

                                      As my first calendar year as an analyst draws to a close, I wanted to thank everybody who has read and commented on my blog and say that I look forward to even more next year. In closing out the...

                                      • For Enterprise Architecture Professionals

                                        Blog:Is Big Data Enough? (Ramping Up For Strata In San Jose)

                                        I’m ramping up to attend Strata in San Jose, February 18, 19 and 20th. Here is some info to help everyone who wants to connect and share thoughts. Looking forward to great sessions and a lot of...

                                        • For Enterprise Architecture Professionals

                                          Blog:Big Data, Brewer, And A Couple Of Webinars

                                          Whenever I think about big data, I can't help but think of beer – I have Dr. Eric Brewer to thank for that. Let me explain. I've been doing a lot of big data inquiries and advisory...

                                          • For Enterprise Architecture Professionals

                                            Blog:2012 Predictions – Technology Will Shape Who We Are As People And Businesses

                                            In the first phase of the information age, technology helped us achieve new levels of productivity. In the next phase, technology will shape who we are. Why? Because technology is everywhere –...

                                            • For Enterprise Architecture Professionals

                                              Blog:Forrester's Top 15 Emerging Technologies To Watch: Now To 2018

                                              The pace of technology-fueled business innovation is accelerating, and enterprise architects can take a leading role by helping their firms identify opportunities for shrewd investment. In our 2012...

                                              • For Enterprise Architecture Professionals

                                                Blog:It Doesn't Matter Where EA Lives — So Let's Stop Arguing About It

                                                George Colony, our CEO, just released a post on his blog about enterprise architecture, aptly enough named “Enterprise Architects For Dummies (CEOs).” I retweeted the post to my followers...

                                                • For Enterprise Architecture Professionals

                                                  Blog:Not Your Grandfather’s Data Warehouse

                                                  As I dig into my initial research, it dawned on me – some technology trends are having an impact on information management/data warehouse (DW) architectures, and EAs should consider these when...

                                                  • For Enterprise Architecture Professionals

                                                    Blog:Spiders And Elephants – Social Connections And Big Data Will Determine The Next Big Winners And Losers

                                                    I’ve been following a couple of 2011 developments that together may determine the next big technology winners and losers. To get your click, I’ve been obscure in my title. Spiders refers...