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Plan For Continuous Agile And Lean Evolutions

Adopt A Business Plan To Keep Your Organization Agile and Lean

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    This report outlines the business plan for Forrester's solution for application development and delivery (AD&D) executives working on Agile and Lean. It is designed to help AD&D execs plan for Agile and Lean. Talking about adopting Lean principles and Agile practices is one thing; successfully adopting them is another. Putting these principles in place is not a one-time exercise but a continuous evolution that requires an organization to do three things: 1) leverage Lean to solve the big problems; 2) leverage Agile to tackle the execution; and 3) streamline the project management office (PMO) to throw away bureaucracy and manage the flow while continually looking for optimization in order to integrate the practices as a holistic part of project and program delivery.
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    • It's Time To Walk The Walk
    • Build Your Business Plan
    • Bring It All Together: The PMO In Continuous Development And Optimization

      Adopt Lean For Enterprise Planning, And Use Agile To Deliver On Objectives
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