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    Mobile technology is rapidly evolving as a means for organizations to deliver new customer experiences, enhance customer value, and improve employee productivity. When combined with social, cloud, and big data, mobile becomes a central component of a new digital business strategy. Many CIOs have started to experiment with mobile technologies, while others support the efforts of their marketing teams with changes to architecture in support of mobile applications. But these point solutions fail to capitalize on the full potential of mobile as part of a digital business ecosystem that connects disparate mobile opportunities together through business capabilities and business strategy. This report provides guidance on building mobile into your digital business strategy using business technology (BT) strategic planning.
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    • CIOs Watch While Business Mobility Charges Ahead
    • CIOs: It's Time For A Mobile Engagement Strategy
    • The Building Blocks Of Your Mobile Engagement Strategy
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      Use Mobile Engagement As A Doorway To Digital Business Strategy
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