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Building A Fitter Business With Wearable Technology

How I&O Can Help Boost Corporate Wellness Programs With Wearable Technology

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    Infrastructure and operations (I&O) professionals have navigated the transition from deploying laptops to managing mobile devices like tablets and smartphones — and the next stop will be wearables. Fitness wearables enjoy the lion's share of publicity for their consumer market offerings today, but they're coming soon to an enterprise near you. Employee wellness factors into business success via multiple dimensions — with even CEOs playing a role. Companies will be investigating the role health and fitness wearable technology can play in driving worker productivity up and health insurance rates down. Who will they ask for guidance on this issue? I&O professionals should make sure that their organizations turn to them for answers. This report offers an example of how I&O leaders can transform from traditional IT players to business technology (BT) advisors and of one way wearable technology will enter the workplace.
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    • Employee Health Offers A Path Into The Enterprise For Wearables
    • Enterprise Deployment Aligns Incentives For Health Outcomes

      Take The Lead With Fitness Technology To Showcase What You Can Do

      Employees Will Pay More For Inactivity
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