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Building A Successful RFP For Desktop Virtualization

Preparation Is The Key To Optimizing The Sourcing Process And Maximizing Your Negotiation Leverage

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    In pursuit of being better informed on desktop virtualization and partner selection, many organizations turn to the RFP process, a process that can serve simultaneously as an instrument of technical and business enlightenment. However, many RFP authors miss the mark and consequently misinform suppliers. Publishing an RFP to suppliers becomes irrelevant in the absence of four key elements. Without these elements, your sourcing process will bend under the weight of unnecessary information and confusion, which can lead many suppliers to bow out of the process or respond with ill-advised proposals and/or longer sourcing and sales cycles. In this report, we address the four key elements you should incorporate into your RFP to sidestep problems from other failed desktop virtualization RFPs.
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