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Building Secure iPhone And iPad Apps

Best Practices You Must Enforce With App Developers

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    As consumer devices such as iPhones and iPads proliferate in the enterprise and among consumers, the number of organizations interested in custom development of mobile applications is steadily on the rise. We've already seen mobile apps take off in the financial sector, with online banking, check cashing, and online trading apps. Security, although a prime driver for custom development, is one of the hardest aspects to get right. Security and mobile app development professionals must leverage the native security APIs of the platform, handle sensitive data with care, and choose the right data protection classes for the iOS architecture.
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    • iOS Is Getting The Lion's Share Of Mobile App Dev Requests
    • To Build Secure Apps, You Must Understand iOS 4's Data Protection Features
    • You Must Ensure That Programmers Perform Four Essential Tasks
    • Best Practices For Building A Secure iOS App

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