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Business Capabilities Provide The Rosetta Stone For Business-IT Alignment

Capability Maps Are A Foundation For Business Architecture

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    Business and IT alignment remains a top priority for CIOs and other business leaders. While many CIOs have made significant progress in gaining a seat at the strategy table, a gap remains in organizing and illuminating business executives' thinking in a way that drives consistent understanding throughout the organization. Business capability models provide a new approach to deepen the strategic dialogue between business and IT leaders and increase strategic coherence. These models can act as a "Rosetta Stone" that provides the translation between business concerns and IT concerns. Tying IT strategies, projects, and costs to business capabilities offers a view of IT that resonates with business executives. Enterprise architects should construct a capability map that CIOs can use to encourage a more meaningful dialogue with their business peers to guide IT investments.
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    • Business And IT Strategic Dialogue Remains Challenging
    • Capabilities Provide The Foundation For A Richer Business-IT Dialogue
    • Capability Maps Facilitate Smarter Investment Decisions
    • Create Your Basic Capability Model With Four Steps

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      Capability Maps Enable Richer IT-Business Partnerships
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