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Business Capability Architecture: Use Business Outcomes To Drive Technology Strategy

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    Business capability maps, as a key element of business architecture, are central to laying a new and better foundation for technology strategy. To build on this foundation, we introduce Forrester's Business Capability Architecture, which establishes an architectural structure for consistent, business-focused design from the top levels of enterprise architecture planning down through the implementation of your running business in the digital age. Architects should begin to evolve their design models toward business capability implementations, directly connecting pursuit of continuous business improvement with the ongoing business and technology change necessary to deliver it.
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    • Use Business Capabilities As The Foundation For Designing Your Business
    • Business Capability Architecture: Don't Build Siloed Solutions; Build A Business
    • Make Business Capability Implementations Your Central Planning Construct
    • Build Tech Strategy Around Business Capability Outcomes

      Use Business Capability Implementations To Bound And Focus Tech Strategy
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