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Forrester defines the business intelligence (BI) market as a set of methodologies, processes, architectures, and technologies that leverage the output of information management processes for analysis, reporting, performance management, and information delivery. Research coverage includes executive dashboards as well as query and reporting tools.


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  • For Customer Insights Professionals

    Report: Market Overview: Real-Time Interaction Management

    Customers increasingly expect to be treated as individuals. That means personalized and contextually relevant real-time interactions. Customer insights (CI) professionals must assemble a context...

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  • For Customer Insights Professionals

    Report: Brief: Predictive Social Analytics Is On The Horizon

    Most of the analytics that social listening platforms provide are retrospective and explanatory — any listening platform on the market can provide data about spikes in volume or analysis o...

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  • For CIOs

    Report: Case Study: Data Sharing Improves Insights And Outcomes

    Missing pieces to the puzzle obscure the full image. All industries with multiple actors across a complex ecosystem suffer the same fate. Take the healthcare industry, for example. Access to ins...

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  • For Application Development & Delivery Professionals

    Report: Quick Take: Amazon Web Services Democratizes Machine Learning

    The Amazon Web Services (AWS) train keeps on a rolling for developers. This time it is a fully managed machine learning service that lets developers create predictive models. Launched on April 9...

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  • For B2B Marketing Professionals

    Report: Metrics That Matter For B2B Marketers

    CMOs frequently ask Forrester which metrics they should monitor and report. Business-to-business (B2B) CMOs need to do more than measure activities like click-through rates and event attendees; ...

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