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CCP Games Uses A DSP To Close The Loop On Acquisition And Cross-Sell

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    CCP Games, a massive multiplayer online game provider, knew that its existing approach with key channels like display was suboptimized and that it could drive more efficient customer acquisition if it got smarter about media mix and management of its first-party data. For help it turned to X Plus One, a demand-side platform (DSP) with extensive data management platform (DMP) capabilities. Together they spent 2010 and 2011 moving CCP from a messy, duplicative approach rife with waste to a lean, focused, optimized media mix, and in 2012 aim to leverage CCP's existing data assets for highly efficient cross-sell. Along the way, they're co-creating a universal view of "the truth," improving CCP's internal processes and communications.
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    • CCP Games Needed A DSP With DMP Capabilities
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