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CIOs: Capture Benefits From Entry-Level IT Staff

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    Many organizations use entry-level staff to backfill for senior people as well as to provide a farm system for future managers. Our survey of 127 IT managers shows that Millennials, in particular, are used for low-cost, adaptable labor and to provide different perspectives within IT. Recruiting these entry-level IT workers requires different tactics from recruiting experienced IT staff. The company Web site, current employees, and internship programs are all used to find entry-level IT people. Social media has yet to make a big dent here, but this will change as Millennials move up in management. One way to improve the quality of entry-level recruits over the long term is to establish internships, advisory boards, and other mechanisms with local schools.
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    • Models & Calculators:

      IT Shops Support Entry-Level IT Staff

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      Graduates Offer Flexibility And Support For Senior Staff

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      IT Uses Multiple Channels To Tap Entry-Level Talent

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      Internships Are Prevalent In Larger IT Organizations

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      Large IT Shops Build Relationships With Local Colleges And Universities