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CIOs Must MAP A Strategic Application Plan

Align IT Execution To Business Needs With Vision, Context, And Orchestration

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    The duties performed by CIOs are analogous to those of big-city mayors — neither executive has the chance to build a community from scratch, and most inherit a series of problems from predecessors: dated infrastructures, more demand than they can meet, a flurry of community development work-in-progress, and a host of constituents with conflicting social and political agendas. Like city neighborhoods spawned from unbridled growth, today's IT organizations need to implement a more strategic approach to application planning that will refocus IT efforts on the most important needs of community leaders. Model-based application planning (MAP) triangulates an approach from three key perspectives: 1) a rolling five-year vision of the community; 2) a context to serve as a common business/IT lexicon; and 3) orchestration across application, project, and infrastructure improvement efforts.
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    • Unbridled Community Growth Creates Sprawl
    • The IT Community Is In Need Of Urban Renewal
    • MAP Offers A Framework For Urban Renewal

      MAP Your IT Planning And Governance Functions

      MAP And IIM Will Make A Potent Combination
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