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Capability Maps Anchor Business Complexity

Business Capabilities Linked To A Bill Of IT Set Up Effective Dev, Ops, And Planning

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    IT leaders have been challenged to harness the complexity of business as it affects planning, architecture, and IT operations. This complexity is only increasing, driven by mergers and acquisitions, globalization, and decentralized business organizations. CIOs need a tool that can address IT's importance to business success, flex to reflect ongoing business change, and relate the business activities to the bill of IT — IT's hardware, software, and services. Business capability maps provide exactly this tool. These maps provide a picture of the business-IT architecture, relating business capabilities — and their outcomes — to business processes and functions, IT services, and hardware and software. The capability maps have a strong impact across IT — like guiding IT investment decisions and relating IT operational expenses to business results.
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    • CIOs Must Harness The Business Complexity Frustrating IT's Efforts
    • Solution: A Framework Relating IT Assets With Business Activities
    • Capability Maps' Bill Of IT Cuts Through Business Complexity

      Make Capability Maps Part Of IT's Planning And Management Tool Kit

      Capability Maps Help IT And Business Break Down Barriers
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