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Case Study: American Airlines Utilizes Multiple Channels To Reach Most Passengers

A Mobile POST Case Study

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    American Airlines' mobile strategy is wide-reaching to reflect the many different people who fly with the company. Many of its passengers are Connectors, who are well positioned to take advantage of American Airlines' email and SMS alerts, and SuperConnecteds, who can benefit from American Airlines' mobile Web site. American Airlines' strategy focuses on providing information to the widest set of passengers and addresses the most basic needs of its mobile passengers. The SMS alerts and mobile Web site that support this strategy are easy to use and familiar to many passengers. The result is a wide audience that benefits from accessing information on their mobile devices but has a less than optimal experience when seeking to use their cell phones for more advanced services or booking. American Airlines has an opportunity, as well as the long experience and commitment, to develop a strategy that deepens its engagement with the Connectors and SuperConnecteds who fly with it.
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    • The Post Method: A Systematic Approach To Mobile Strategy
    • Understanding Customer Behavior Comes First In Mobile Strategy Design
    • Objectives, Strategy, And Technology Decisions Follow
    • American Airlines' Technology Choices Map Well To Its Strategic Plan
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